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edJewcate strives to promote Jewish continuity and eliminate assimilation by introducing Jewish values through new, innovative and exciting programs. edJewcate’s mission is to instill Jewish pride in every Jew and in particular the young Jewish leaders of today and tomorrow.  Number one reason for assimilation is lack of knowledge of one’s heritage.

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edJEWcate’s goal is to provide Jewish communities, and in particular its young future leaders with funding, educational lectures and trips to Israel.   It is a proven fact that the knowledge created by educating the participants about their rich Jewish heritage and the relevance of Judaism in their lives is the strongest vaccine against assimilation.  In addition to the trips, follow-up programming will be offered to participating communities and their leadership. edJEWcate  serves various community groups including  teens,  university students,  young professionals,  parents and community leaders.  




edJEWcate’s main tool is fun-filled and action-packed leadership trips to Israel.  The focus is to provide the trip participants with the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of core concepts of Judaism through inspiring and interactive seminars on various topics including Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, women issues, Israel, anti-Semitism, Israeli-Arab conflict, Israeli Politics etc. By creating an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect edJEWcate broadens the basic understanding of core concepts in Jewish thought, leadership training, Israel and its current political situations.  Special emphasis is given to building a  bond between the Land of Israel and every Jew by visiting an army base and interactive programs with the Israeli soldiers.




edJewcate’s strategy is  to work as a catalyst both in US  and in Israel .  The focus is on funding and exciting programs.