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1.  Community Leaders: 
By providing funding and programming, edJEWcate facilitates, encourages and empowers the community leaders to act as a guiding light to the community.


2.  Teens:
Aiming to create a core group  of like-minded high school  students interested  and focused on  connecting to Jewish heritage and Israel, edJEWcate arranges lectures for teenagers delivered by exciting speakers and hosted at volunteer homes. The goal is to expose teenagers to Jewish values in a fun and entertaining way and encourage them to choose a healthy lifestyle.


3.  Women, Couples & Parents:
Another goal of edJEWcate is to preserve and further enhance the family unity, understanding and peace by educating the parents alongside their youth.  The objective is to bridge the gap for potential  intellectual and emotional differences in the family  as the younger generation participates in Jewish educational programs. Priority is given to women who are the foundation of the home and bear  the main responsibility for teaching and educating the children.  Not only will the missions educate and empower our women to lay the foundation blocks in building their own Jewish homes, but it also will enable them to pass Jewish knowledge to family, friends and their community at large.        


Women who attended edJEWcate’s women mission in May 2010 reported in a survey at the end of the trip that because of their experience on the trip:


In addition, the overwhelming majority of the participants stated that the trip had highly impacted them by giving them a deeper connection to Israel, better understanding of Judaism; immense  Jewish Pride, and enthusiasm to learn more about their heritage.